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YYL website Friday 19th August 2011

There was a server crash about 10 days ago and the website has now been fully restored. Please check you individual team pages and make sure all your player data is there.

The website will be rolled over tonight at midnight. This doesnt affect teams. You are free to sign players before or after the roll over. This only affects players transferring between teams. A transfer after the roll over will use up 1 transfer quota for a player (each existing player has 2 transfer per season).


1. you need to make sure the players exising team de-registers him first.
2. you need to match his name and id no exactly with that in the database.
3. the best way to do this is to do a player search using the search box at the top and then copying and pasting his name onto the registration template.
4. please make sure the player photo is 96pxls x 80pxls EXACTLY
5. it takes 2 seconds only but you need to perform a check after the transfer. click on the player on your team page and check that his player history has transferred. If yes, the transfer is good. If no, something is wrong. (YOU NEED TO CONTACT THE WEBMASTER TO GET IT FIXED).

PLEASE NOTE THAT YOU CANNOT AMEND ANY INPUT ERRORS. If you make a mistake with the players name or id no or photo, ABSOLUTELY DO NOT DE-REGISTER AND RE-REGISTER HIM. YOU SHOULD CONTACT THE WEBMASTER TO GET IT FIXED. The webmaster performs regular data purges and will throw away incorrectly registered player data.

LIKEWISE, YOU CANNOT DESIGNATE TEAM REPS. NEW TEAM REPS CAN ONLY BE DESIGNATED BY THE WEBMASTER. The correct procedure will be for an EXISTING team rep to apply by email to the chairman and the secretary and ccing the AO, div rep and webmaster. If this is accepted, it will be done within 7 working days. (please be reminded that each team needs to have at least 2 registered team reps).

Team reps have to be registered to a team to be able to manipulate players so cannot play for another YYL team.

Hope this is clear. Have a good season.



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