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Annual Dinner & Cup Finals - Saturday 9 May 2015
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Pitches for Friendlies in Aug, 2015
Website Roll-Over to 2015-16 Season
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Weekly Disciplinary Report for the Game of May 17, 15
AGM Notice & Appointment Of Auditor
Website Roll-Over to 2015-16 Season Friday 17th July 2015

The website will be rolled over for the 2015-2016 season on 1 August at midnight. This will not affect any of your regular operations.

Please however note the following:
- Each team must have at least 2 x registered team reps at all times. If you team doesnât, please make sure you apply to register another one at the earliest opportunity.
- New team reps MUST be proposed by EXISTING team reps. This is to ensure team continuity. The protocol for new team rep registration is application via email by existing team rep addressed to Chairman, ccâing Secretary, Div Rep, AO and Webmaster. If there are no problems with the application, it will usually be completed within 7 working days.
- By the same token, old/retiring team reps cannot be de-registered by current team management and must apply for the team rep to be changed to player status.
- Team reps CANNOT MAKE CHANGES to information on the website. If you have made a mistake on player registration (wrong name, wrong ID, wrong photo, etc.), the ONLY PERSON who can help you change it is the webmaster. Please DO NOT TRY TO DE-REGISTER the player and RE-REGISTER him. You need to email the webmaster to make the change for you.
- If you are signing a player de-registered from another team, FIRST MAKE SURE HE IS DE-REGISTERED! Then use the search box at the top of the website to search for his name and copy and paste his name onto the registration page. IT MUST MATCH THE NAME ON OUR DATABASE EXACTLY before you can sign the player.
- If you know that your player has changed ID documentation (i.e. has a valid HK ID or changed passport numbers) You need to inform the AO and the webmaster IMMEDIATELY so they can change the player detail for you.



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