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Ben 2021-02-19

Recently arrived from Australia and keen to join a social team. Play left wing (preferred) or left mid position. Happy to have a trial run in any division to get a sense of the YYFL standard. Whatsapp 6174 5199

Benjamin Young 2021-02-19

Hi all, looking to join a squad. Im a Canadian 28 yo. Played high levels throughout my youth. comfortable in any position, where ever is needed. Happy to have a trial see that its the right fit.

Yuvrah Singh No team 2021-02-15

19 yrs old. LW/RW/ST Played for Kellett International School First team in u16 and U20. Currently playing in Bath looking for a team to play while in hong Kong

Ayaz Kitchee u18 / 2020-11-29

Hi my name ayaz ,I’m goalkeeper, height 1.82,I’m looking for team in d2 and d1, WhatsApp me 67342707

Hidaya V United 2020-11-29

I would like to be part of a team in YYFL. Every weekend our team play matches and I play as the Defender, CENTRE BACK-Stopper. I am match fit to join a league team. Thanks.

Marcelo 2020-11-26

Left or right back, pretty balance on both foot. Looking for some trial. Definitely would like to play the ball under floor.
Tel: 85246209017

Brendon 2020-11-24

18 years old, LW/RW/CM. Been back from the UK since last year and has been looking for a competitive team to play for. Played at 1st team UK and HK college level, UK local club and half a season experience in the 3rd division. Fully committed to trainings and matches. I would take any chances with any trials that comes my way. 54847764

Isaac McGirr 2020-11-06

21 British CF/F9/CAM, looking for team after arriving to HK. Played at regional level in UK and for University team (not sure which division suits me, but willing to give any a go).

Asher Hasofer and Hiram Idan Cummins No team 2020-11-06

Looking to join a division 3-4 team, we are 15 yrs old. We have high fitness and comfortable on the pitch. Able to travel to almost everywhere in Hong Kong.
Fully committed to training and matches and we are amicable and social. We are devoted to football, it is our passion.

Please email or WhatsApp +85260138352 for a try-out session / training or recruitment.

Work hard, Play hard! Thanks

k wong and k li 2020-11-03

we are two passionate players who can take up offensive positions. we would like to play for any team from D2-D4. we are fully committed to trainings and matches. we are sociable and looking for a team that has good vibes. please email or WhatsApp +85260232821 for a try-out session / training. thank you

Vikram Chellaram 2020-10-21

I am an LW who is willing to play for any team from any division. I am 18 years old and I am a student-athlete for my university in the states. I am looking for a team to play for, during my stay in Hong Kong. I will be committed to training and matches. my whatsapp is +85298847083

Siddhant Pujari 2020-10-20

I am 32 year old- new to HK. Capable of playing centre/right mid and occasionally right back. Capable of playing full length game. 100% committed to training and matches. Looking to join a division 2/3/4 team. WhatsApp me on +852 53426953. Thanks !

石愛文 Sahil 今年沒有 this year I’m free agent 2020-10-19

Hi this year I don’t join any club . I would like to try playing yau yee league.Hope their are some club who would accept me.i can play striker LW or RW maybe midfield also .im 16 this year . I can play solid football

SJ Kim 2020-10-15

Hey all I’m SJ. 24 y/o and I’m looking to join a team in D3/4. Would like to play on the wing, but played defensive mid growing up and would be comfortable with that too. Looking for a fun, social group of lads to train and compete with.

Adriaan 2020-10-14

Im a ST, RW or CAM. Looking for a div 3 or 4 team to play for. Please email me.

George Flitton 2020-10-13

Looking for a Div 3/4 team. 25 years old, British. I am fully committed to training and playing matches on Sundays. I can play in attacking/defensive roles in midfield as well as defence. Whatsapp: +447733291186 or SMS Text on 94458537.

Raphael 2020-10-10

I am looking for D2 - D4 and used to play hearts , hkss and Grasshoppers.

I am fully committed and keen on playing Centre back and defensive midfield

Prateek Thapa Dragons 2020-10-09

Hello , my name is Prateek and im 19 years old . My postion is Right back and i also study in Hk . Im commited to train and play for big teams .
Contact no 57241849

KL 2020-10-06

Looking for a D2-D4 team to join.

I’m fine coming off the bench and playing only 10-15 mins per game.

I’m fully committed and will be able to come to all games and practices.

I can play on the wing or in goal as a keeper.

PS: I’m already on a D3 team in a separate league but they play on Saturdays so there is no clash. I would say I’m a soccer/football junkie so I’m down to play everyday.

Ed 2020-10-03

Just moved to HK. British, 32, left footed, happy playing anywhere in midfield or up front. Looking for a team that takes it seriously but has a good social scene. Guessing div 2 or 3.

Man Hong Chan 2020-09-27

Im 18 years old. Looking for a team to play. Im a university student currently.

Ishraq Shah Dragon Valley ( LL) 2020-09-22

I’m 23 years old goalie, 5’10. I’m a student currently studying Masters in Sports. Looking for a D2/D1 team to play in for the upcoming season and stay committed. Previously I was playing KCC knights, got my acl torn so I had to rest. Its 1.5years since my recovery and I’ve been playing D2 in Legal League and I’m ready to return to Yau Yee League. If any team is interested do let me know and I can come down for trial. Thank you for your kind attention.

Jake Sparey N/A 2020-09-17

New to HK, from the UK. Looking for an amateur team to play football with.



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