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Tarek 2018-10-10

I am 25 years, moved from South Africa, looking for a team to join. Played plenty back home before moving here. I play on the wings, right preferred, and can play wing back if needed.

Luis 2018-10-01

Hi I am a 22 year old student just moved to Hong Kong from The UK and looong to join a team. Played Univeristy football for Leicester university, CM position but versatile in a few positions. Also played for a semi-pro team in Leicester.

Jay Shethia 2018-10-01

Age: 19

Played plenty of football in High school (Canadian International School of Hong Kong). Jing Ying (U20 Nationals) champion for 2016-2017. Undefeated in the 2016-2017 season.

I play as a CDM primarily, but I do well as a striker and on the wings. Scored 15 goals in 12 games while qualifying for Jing Ying.

I graduated in 2017 and have been in university for a year. I am back in HK and am looking for competitive football games.

Edgar 2018-09-20

Looking for a formal team to join.

Age: 28
Position: Wings

Athletics background, above average stamina, good vision for the game and keen to take a shot at the goal. Been in HK for a year playing in various pick-up games, looking to take it up a notch.

Germán 2018-09-19

Spanish exchange student staying in HK until June. CDM/CM preferred. Looking for a team to have fun and play football.

Alex 2018-09-13

Hi. From the uk and recently moved to HK after 8 years in japan. Now looking for a team. Prefer to play CM but can play Rb or LB. Cheers.

Nicolas 2018-09-09

I am Nicolas and 38 years old .Just arrived in HK. I am midfiedler and lefty. I have been playing soccer while I was in France, Singapore and Montreal. I could play once I settle . Should be in 2 weeks.
Please let me know if I can play with your team.

Gareth Carter - 2018-09-06

Hi - am moving to Hong Kong (arriving early October) and was looking for a team to join.

Am 35 and haven’t played in a little while, but have a decent bit of semi-reasonable standard footy on my CV through YTS and university level around the turn of the century, plus a bit of semi-pro in the London Leagues after that. Have spent the last two years playing rugby in the Middle East so a bit out of practice with the feet (last time I kicked a ball in anger was while doing a few years’ coaching in the States for the New York Cosmos Academy until about 2015) but am looking to get back into it.

So, if there’s an expat team looking for a midfielder you could charitably describe as an aspiring Leon Britton (or, if the central berths are taken, a one-paced deep-lying wide midfielder with a questionable left-foot), then let me know.

Marco - 2018-09-03

Hi, i am 22, a student studying in HK. i am looking to join a team. I used for my school team back in secondary school in Singapore. I am quite out of touch so i might need a few training to get it all back.
I am right legged, my fav position is centre back and right back. But i can play midfield if needed be. I am english speaker so an english speaking team will be preferred.
Hope to receive some news!

Lorenzo Villaveces 2018-08-28

I will be moving to HK in september and looking to find a team. I played college in the U.S. mostly as a striker but can play anywhere in the middle and front. Hopefully in kowloon.

Jamie Jepson 2018-08-25

Striker/Central midfield looking for a team to play for on saturdays. Kept good level of fitness on Happy Valley. Available to train in evenings.

Jamie: 64110052

Chris 2018-08-22

Age: 22
Position: Forward
Preferred Foot: Right
Strength: Atracking Position, Finishing, football Knowledge
Weakness: first touch, physical, passing

Self-introduction: studying in HK. Full-time. Available at any day.

Maccabi Maccabi HK 2018-08-22

Looking to join a team for the coming season? If so send us a message if you are interested.

Kevin 2018-08-21

Age: 22
Position(in order of preference): CM, CB
Preferred foot: Right
Strength: Passing, Vision, Knowlege
Weakness: Physical

182cm, 68kg

Studying in HK full year available any time
Thank you!!!

Jorge 2018-08-19


Im looking for a team , any suggestions?

40 years old in bad shape ex semi professional player( fut11)

Thank you



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