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Sunday 17th September

League Division One

Club Albion 5 : 0 AFC Hearts
Club Wanderers 2 : 0 Swiss XI
Azzurri 1 : 2 German All Stars
Club Colts 5 : 1 KCC Dragons
French Kiss 3 : 4 Carnegies Boca Seniors
AFC Squadron 2 : 1 Baker Tilly Spartans

League Division Two

G.G.F.C. 1 : 2 WYFC06
Colloids FC 3 : 0 Yan Po
Dynamo 0 : 0 Antonhill
ANP 4 : 2 White Youth FC
KCC Knights 5 : 0 IES
Maccabi HK 1 : 4 HKU70's
Sunday 24th September

League Division One

Swiss XI : French Kiss
AFC Hearts : Club Wanderers
Carnegies Boca Seniors : AFC Squadron
Baker Tilly Spartans : Azzurri
KCC Dragons : Club Albion
German All Stars : Club Colts

League Division Two

IES : Dynamo
HKU70's : G.G.F.C.
Antonhill : ANP
WYFC06 : Colloids FC
Yan Po : KCC Knights
White Youth FC : Maccabi HK

League Division Three

BOC : Grasshoppers
Darts : Corinthians
University : Power 22
Green Cypress FC : HKSS
Scorpions : Goal Visio

League Division Four

Gurkha : Friends of Barclays (FOB)
Skyline : Wah Yan
ADW : Standard Chartered
CAPS : Bapcoll
Rising Sun : Hung Art
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Abuse Of Referee After Being Sent Off - 23 Oct 16
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Result for the Game of Sept 17, 17 Monday 18th September 2017

1st Division:-
Club Albion (5) vs (0) AFC Hearts
Club Wanderers (2) vs (0) Swiss XI
Azzurri (1) vs (2) German All Stars
Club Colts (5) vs (1) KCC Dragons
AFC Squadron (2) vs (1) Baker Tilly Spartans
French Kiss (3) vs (4) Carnegies Boca Seniors

2nd Division:-
G. G. F. C. (1) vs (2) WYFC06
Colloids FC (3) vs (0) Yan Po
Dynamo (0) vs (0) Antonhill
ANP (4) vs (2) White Youth FC
KCC Knights (5) vs (0) IES
Maccabi HK (1) vs (4) HKU70's

3rd Division:-
HKSS (1) vs (3) Darts
Grasshoppers (3) vs (0) Scorpions
Goal Visio (1) vs (2) Green Cypress FC
Power 22 (2) vs (2) HOB
Corinthians (2) vs (0) University
CS Old Boys (0) vs (1) Bank of China

4th Division:-
WYFC84 (1) vs (1) AFC De Wanchai
Hung Art (1) vs (1) Gurkha Int'l FC
Standard Chartered (0) vs (3) CAPS
Outward Bound (3) vs (0) Skyline
Bapcoll (1) vs (0) Rising Sun
Friends of Barclays (0) vs (2) NFAA

Table for the League Game - Up to the Game of Sept 17, 17

Weekly Disciplinary Report for the Game of Sept 10, 17 Tuesday 12th September 2017

Please go to "Rep Admin / Download" to download the Weekly Disciplinary Report for the captioned game.

Cheng Bags Five For Dragons and the Bagman Cometh Again Sunday 10th September 2017

In the Battle of Britain season opener between founding members, Squadron and German All Stars, the mercurial Steve Cairns was at it again. The Bagman, not content with scoring the winner in the 6s cup final as a goalkeeper and then celebrating the birth of his first child in the pre-season, he then came off the bench yesterday, with GAS down 0-2 to arch-rivals Squadron, and turned in a match-turning performance in midfield for the Huns who came out very narrow 3-2 winners with new signing Marcello scoring the winner from 3 inches after a great move down the left initiated by record signing Amro, Dragons kick-started their season after hitting luckless Azzurri for six with Kenneth Cheng banging in an amazing five goals, four of them from free-kicks, whatever the frequency is, Kenneth seems to have tuned into it. In the other first division games there were 4-0, 4-1 and 5-2 win at Sports Road for Wanderers, Albion and Colts against Boca, Swiss and Hearts (who were 2-0 up one a super strike from Jack Shirley) respectively and Spartans came back to win 3-2 against French Kiss with two late goals.

1st Division:-
German All Stars (3) vs (2) AFC Squadron
Swiss XI (1) vs (4) Club Albion
Baker Tilly Spartans (3) vs (2) French Kiss
Carnegies Boca Seniors (0) vs (4) Club Wanderers
KCC Dragons (6) vs (0) Azzurri
AFC Hearts (2) vs (5) Club Colts

2nd Division:-
IES (0) vs (3) Colloids FC
WYFC06 (0) vs (1) Maccabi HK
White Youth FC (4) vs (0) Dynamo
HKU70's (1) vs (1) ANP
Antonhill (2) vs (0) KCC Knights
Yan Po (1) vs (0) G. G. F. C.

3rd Division:-
Darts (1) vs (2) Goal Visio
University (4) vs (1) HKSS
HOB (0) vs (2) Corinthians
Scorpions (0) vs (7) CS Old Boys
Bank of China (2) vs (0) Power 22
Green Cypress FC (2) vs (1) Grasshoppers

4th Division:-
AFC De Wanchai (0) vs (2) Outward Bound - result late-in.
Gurkha Int'l FC (6) vs (1) Bapcoll
Skyline (2) vs (0) Friends of Barclays
CAPS (0) vs (1) WYFC84
Rising Sun (2) vs (1) Standard Chartered
NFAA (3) vs (1) Hung Art

Table for the League Game - Up to the Game of Sept 10, 17

Pitches Closed on Aug 23, 17 Wednesday 23rd August 2017

Due to the damage caused by the typhoon earlier today, all pitches at King's Park will be closed this evening and the training slot will be suspended.

Website Roll-Over to 2017-18 Season Friday 11th August 2017

The website will be rolled over for the 2017-2018 season on 14 August at midnight. This will not affect any of your regular operations.

Please however note the following:
- Each team must have at least 2 x registered team reps at all times. If you team doesn’t, please make sure you apply to register another one at the earliest opportunity.
- New team reps MUST be proposed by EXISTING team reps. This is to ensure team continuity. The protocol for new team rep registration is application via email by existing team rep addressed to Chairman, cc’ing Secretary, Div Rep, AO and Webmaster. If there are no problems with the application, it will usually be completed within 7 working days.
- By the same token, old/retiring team reps cannot be de-registered by current team management and must apply for the team rep to be changed to player status.
- Team reps CANNOT MAKE CHANGES to information on the website. If you have made a mistake on player registration (wrong name, wrong ID, wrong photo, etc.), the ONLY PERSON who can help you change it is the webmaster. Please DO NOT TRY TO DE-REGISTER the player and RE-REGISTER him. You need to email the webmaster to make the change for you.
- If you are signing a player de-registered from another team, FIRST MAKE SURE HE IS DE-REGISTERED! Then use the search box at the top of the website to search for his name and copy and paste his name onto the registration page. IT MUST MATCH THE NAME ON OUR DATABASE EXACTLY before you can sign the player.
- If you know that your player has changed ID documentation (i.e. has a valid HK ID or changed passport numbers) You need to email the Chairman & Secretary to apply for the change IMMEDIATELY.


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