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Joel McCormick 2017-03-28

Hi, moving to Tai Po looking for a professional / semi professional side. Spent my youth career in England before moving to America, Australia and New Zealand on full time playing contracts. I play attacking midfield / striker and can provide footage and references on request.

Tam Ka Ho 2017-03-12

Hi, I live in HK and am looking to join a team. I mostly play as left as well as central defender. Left leg player

Height: 180cm
Weight: 73kg

Tom Duffell 2017-03-07

Moved to HK last year and looking to get back in to competitive football. Played some semi-pro in the UK when I was younger, now 28. Centre back or centre midfield best positions but happy to play anywhere and at any standard.

Jay Taheer Hunan RMFC 2017-02-26

Am a winger/CMF, I do play in Changsha Hunan , China in am now looking for trials in Hong Kong to know more about me contact
Mobile/whatsapp +8613975192795
Fb: Jay Taheer

Bruno jacky 2017-02-26

Hello sir

Am from gambia I play football here and am about to go to hong kong so all I want is a team that can give me a chnace a good striker..

Fouad 2017-02-25

hi 18 years old fast player skillful as forward i seek a football team to join it as soon as possible

John Keane 2017-02-18

I am 26 years old and looking to play with an amateur football team in Kowloon side. Anyone put me in touch?

Yat Tim Chui 2017-02-13

looking for a team.
Age 24
Position Any

Stephen Jones 2017-02-11

Dear Sir,

I´ve recently moved to Hong Kong and I am looking to join a team. Please can you let me know if there are any teams looking for players?

Thanks in advance.

Best regards,

Nitant subba 2017-02-09

Hi I'm nitant 13 years old and i play for my school team and an independent team. I can play as a defender or midfilder.

Shehzad 2017-02-07

Looking for a team. Getting to that age where I could play for over 35s as well.

Contact is 64627210

Leigh reimann 2017-02-05

Hello, I am looking to join a team. I have recently moved to Hong Kong and would like like to play some football. Could you please help and introduce me to a contact to join a team. Thanks

Santiago Vieira Rentistas 2017-01-31


I just moved to Hong Kong for at least 2 years and I am searching for a team to play competitive football. I played youth teams in Uruguay for Defensor Sporting and also played 2nd div semi professional.

Position: Goalkeeper
Age: 24
Height: 1.87m

Andrew King 2017-01-31

Hi living in HK moved from London this year. Played to a good standard back in the UK - and looking for a team. Usually play full back or winger.

Dennis 2017-01-30

19 yr old full time uni student in HK.
Played at varsity level in the Netherlands.
Positions: CM/RM are preferred
Contact me at 54929771 (whatsapp)

Paul Salmon 2017-01-21

Hi, I've been in HK for two years and looking for a team. Usually play striker or attacking mid but can play centre back too. Played first team uni football and continued when I left. May travel if necessary for training and games.

Ibak Baky and Tim Neenan 2017-01-18

2 Irish students over for the second semester, played football to a relatively high degree at home and are looking for a second division team for the semester

dominic rudolf 2017-01-14

hi there my name is dominic rudolf currently in guilin south china playing amateur football and am looking for a team in Hong Kong play for.

hamza any 2017-01-13

looking for opportunity to play in hong kong with any team / 27 years old with 13 years experince in the field .

Sibulele Mbande 2017-01-11

I am from South Africa, recently moved to hong Kong and I'm looking for a team

C macaulay 2017-01-10

Looking for a team to join, played CB/RB or Midfield at amateur level in Scotland, 23 years old and looking to get back into training/weekend match etc! Would play for any division.

5622 4127

James 2017-01-10

Hi there,

My name is James, I'm currently working in Hong Kong looking for a club to play for. In terms of my footballing experience I've previously played throughout high school, youth teams and more recently at University level. Happy to travel for training and games.

Age: 23
Position: Winger/ Central Midfield
contact number: 65099507

look forward to hearing back from you


Luca Melzi 2017-01-09

We are a team that would like to join the league, can anyone provide me any information?

KJ Lee 2017-01-07

I am looking for a team to play on weekends. I played for high school back in korea and played intramural level in college in the States.
I am 25 years olds and fit to play full 90mins.
Position: RB

Please, email me or whatsapp me 9720 6877.

Oliver Prestney 2017-01-07


I am 28 years old and looking to join a football team in Hong Kong. My best position is at centre back but I can also play central midfield. I played decent standard when younger and am keen to get back into a competetive playing environment.

If any teams are looking for players please feel free to email me or contact me on 6127 2563.


Tyler 2017-01-04

Age: 27
Positions: DM, CM, LB, RB
Experience Level: 4 years of college soccer in the US.

New to HK and looking to play for a competitive team as well as have some fun.

Stéphane G 2016-12-30


I'm french, 28 years old (tall, 1m98) and arrived in Hong Kong Dec1st to work for 2 years. I'm looking for an amateur football club to join, where I could train during the week + play games during the weekend. My level is average, I'm looking for a team with a good team spirit in order to enjoy as much as possible. Is there a team I could join ? If yes, what are the requirements to join + fees ? When/Where are the trainings/games ?  I played last 2 years in a french amateur club, mainly as defender.

Thank you in advance for your reply by email.

Shyam N KCC Dragons and KCC Knights 2016-12-16

The KCC Football Section would like to recruit players for the upcoming new season. We have a few league teams at the club of which two are in the YYL. Please email if you're interested with your age, contact number and brief playing history and we will revert back with tryout details. We currently have an excellent very affordable opportunity for joining the club for sports members especially in the new Junior scheme for players in the 16 to 27 year old age bracket.

Parker 2016-12-10

Hello, I'm interested in joining an amateur league. Permanent resident here in HK Island side. I play RB, RM, RW. If you are looking for players in that position please feel free to hit me up on What'sapp (+852) 6336-9008 and give me a tryout. Thanks!

Farhood 2016-12-08

I'm a Maldivian(马尔代夫)and I'm staying in hk for long time. I have played football in school and many other occasions in Maldives. So far I have spend 8months in hk. I have been playing with friends in taipo , happy velly as casual football. And played few matches is tai po. But now I'm looking for a team to play coz I'm staying in hk for at lest 7 years. And I have hard that some people say that football teams don't give good salary. Well in this case I'm not looking for a good salty right now. Coz I'm not so professional looking for any team from tai po or close enough to tai po areas. I'm happy to go for a trail to any team.
If any teams interested in me please feel free to contact me.

Farhood 2016-12-07

I'm seeking a team to play football,

Nikhil Pande 2016-12-06

Age :19
Positions: RB, RM, ST
I have played national level and state level football in India. Played for my school team and shortlisted for U20 I league Team before moving to Hong Kong 4 months age.
I have very good stamina levels and have specialty in long through passes for pace strikers

CHAK-YIN 2016-12-05

Hello! I wanna join to play football! Im not always available but i really want to play! Im hk citizen but born in spain! 32 years
Preferable in NT or kowloon side
Phone 98517621 whatsapp me!☺

Mike Dev 2016-11-21

Hi, 30 year old just moved over from Liverpool, England available for any teams that need players. Played at decent standards before and comfortable in defence, midifeld or attack. Based in soho but can travel.

Gustavo Duque S.D. Aucas 2016-11-11

I am 25 years old and just moved to Hong from south america, Ecuador, I was playing football in the amateur league, I can play on the defense and in the attack.

Whatsapp: (+852) 92091389
(+593) 995069006

Jordan Edge Need a team 2016-11-11

would happily play for a football club in HK, i am located in Yuen Long.
whattsapp +447534241804

Ho Tin Szeto 2016-10-24

Age: 18 years old
Preferred position: RW, RM, LM or LW. As well as LB or RB.

Am currently looking for a team to play for until I head to university in february. Played Varsity(A grade/U20) soccer for 7 years throughout highschool

Neil Enos 2016-10-16

I'm 20 years of age being playing for football from small and last season top goal scorer I'm the guilin lof,now playing for a liuzhou team and also working as a football coach for seniors and juniors

Kevin J 2016-09-30

Hey there teams,

I am looking to join a team and have been playing amateur football for about 10 years. I can play anywhere in midfield and as a striker if necessary. I am 35 years old and keep myself regularly fit!

Looking forward to the next training session...

If you have any other questions email me or whatsapp me: 60325713

Davies 2016-09-29

Am RM looking for a team played for semi pro for 7 years.
23 years

Matthew Mortimer 2016-09-27

Age: 18 years old
Position: RW, however can also play CAM

Graduated from high school this and have 3 months off before I go off to university. I had previously played for HKFC all through my high school years up until the U18 team. Looking for something that is competitive, as well as social.

Jaron Borus 2016-09-20

Age: 24
Height: 6'1''
Nationality: American
Fluent English with some Spanish and Cantonese
Goal: Join a team determined to improve and win

Sam Coffey 2016-09-17

I am 20 years old and just moved to Hong Kong on a year long exchange (until June 2017). Played football in local leagues for the last 10 years, including for my school team that were national champions, and also play intramural football at my home University of Leeds, UK. Predominantly a RB but can play LB or CM, or CB if needed.

Whatsapp: (+852) 5372 3960

Mohan Yuen long reserve team 2016-09-17

Age 16,Rw,Lw,St or midfield...I am fast ..

John Amos 2016-09-15

Am a 16 years old player planning to be in Hong kong in this September playing as a midfielder or second striker I can fit 90minutes.

Marcus Chan 2016-09-13

Age: 25
Height: 6' 1"
Wing, Striker or Midfield.
Fluent in English and Cantonese.

Chan 2016-08-29

A quality and experienced goalkeeper is looking a team to join. Please drop me a mail in case you need to strengthen the keeper position. many thanks

Benoit Pinot de Villechenon 2016-08-27

19 years old, exchange student for one year in HKUST. Really fond of football, I've been playing for more than 10 years now. Most comfortable in central midfield, but also willing to play as a wing. I have a lot of spare time so willing to train a lot ! I am French and Argentinian, so that I am a passionate and very determined player !

Samson Wong 2016-08-22

Most comfortable in central midfield/striker - but willing to play in any other position (wing or defence) given my speed and fitness (part-time fitness coach). Formerly college/uni team captain and played in Malaysia (Penang) state leagues for 5-6 years.
Loves passing the ball around - 1-2 touches.

Chris Foley 2016-08-17

21 year-old from Ireland. I am moving to Sha Tin (沙田) on the 28th of August, looking for a team to play for. I am a centre midfielder but willing to play wherever the team needs. Passionate and determined player.

housainou 2016-08-17

Am 21 years of age and do play in various positions midfield right back 10role(behind the striker)

Vahid Haghzare 2016-08-15

30 years old. 5ft 10. Defensive Midfield. Played semi-pro for a year in UK. Looking to start playing again

Tom Brusse 2016-08-15

i play soccer since the yougest age in a club in my hometown.. i was nominated the best player last season for the soccer power hong kong
i played in morocco and france with one of the most influence player then coach.
i am 24 and believe on my skils to make a team win

georges obolo 2016-08-14

26 years old, 6ft 1 2000 lbs.. Played in France and in the USA division 2 NCAA. Center back or midfield. fit to play 90min



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