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Sunday 9th December

League Division One

Baker Tilly Spartans 1 : 0 Boca Seniors
Club Albion 5 : 0 KCC Knights
AFC Squadron 0 : 1 Azzurri
Club Wanderers 14 : 0 WYFC06
German All Stars 3 : 0 KCC Dragons

League Division Two

IES 2 : 1 Maccabi HK
Green Cypress FC WO : WO White Youth FC
AFC Hearts 1 : 2 ANP
Antonhill 0 : 1 Allied Colloids FC
Sunday 16th December

League Division One

Club Albion : AFC Squadron
Club Colts : Club Wanderers
Boca Seniors : KCC Dragons
Baker Tilly Spartans : German All Stars
KCC Knights : Azzurri
French Kiss : WYFC06

League Division Two

Corinthians : AFC Hearts
Allied Colloids FC : Maccabi HK
Swiss XI : ANP
Dynamo : Green Cypress FC
Antonhill : IES
HKU70's : White Youth FC

League Division Three

HKSS : Yan Po
Grasshoppers : Gurkha

League Division Four

Scorpions : Morse
Darts : Skyline
Wah Yan : Bapcoll
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Result for the Game of Dec 9, 18 Monday 10th December 2018

1st Division:-
Baker Tilly Spartans (1) vs (0) Boca Seniors
Club Albion (5) vs (0) KCC Knights
AFC Squadron (1) vs (1) Azzurri
Club Wanderers (14) vs (0) WYFC06
Club Colts (7) vs (0) French Kiss
German All Stars (3) vs (0) KCC Dragons

2nd Division:-
IES (2) vs (1) Maccabi HK
Green Cypress FC (W) vs (W) White Youth FC
AFC Hearts (1) vs (2) ANP
Antonhill (0) vs (1) Allied Colloids FC
Dynamo (3) vs (2) HKU70's
Corinthians (0) vs (2) Swiss XI

3rd Division:-
CS Old Boys ( 2) vs (2) G. G. F. C.
Goal Visio (1) vs (3) Power 22
Gurkha Int'l FC (0) vs (0) Yan Po
Grasshoppers (1) vs (3) HKSS
HOB (1) vs (4) NFAA

4th Division:-
Outward Bound (4) vs (1) Scorpions
Hung Art (1) vs (0) WYFC84
ADW Spartans FC (3) vs (0) Bapcoll
Skyline (3) vs (3) Standard Chartered
Darts (1) vs (1) Friends of Barclays

Table for the League Game - Up to the Game of Dec 9, 18

BOC withdrawal and Chairman's Cup draw Tuesday 4th December 2018

Please be informed Bank of China has withdrawn from the Yau Yee League. They will be required to pay the remainder of the subscription fee for this season.

As a result of their withdrawal, Bank of China's previously defeated opponents in the first round of the Cup, ANP, replaced them in the second round.

In the Chairman’s Cup, ANP’s previously drawn opponents, Standard Chartered, will now be given a bye along with IES and these two teams will join the winners of the 6 remaining first round games in the second round draw.

Cometh The Hour Cometh The (Tis) Man Monday 3rd December 2018

There were no major upsets in the cup games yesterday and special mention must go to one of the few remaining Dynamo stalwarts from the class of 85. At 61 years young, the eternally effervescent Pete Tisman came off the bench to score with a stunning 20 metre strike, his first goal for over 15 years, well done Tis and heres to the next 33 years.

3rd Round Cup Draw Monday 3rd December 2018

Adam Wise, John Thompson, Robbie McRobbie & Mike Dowie

The draw for the third round of the 2018-19 YYL Cup Competition was held earlier today in Jo Jos Mess. In attendance were the League Chair, Secretary and Assistant Secretary ably assisted by Hong Kong sporting luminaries Robbie McRobbie (CEO of HKRU) and Michael Dowie (Director of Operation Breakthrough and former Senior Assistant Commissioner of Police). Draw is as follows:

Dynamo v Spartans
Hearts v Squadron
CSOB v French Kiss
Wanderers v Grasshoppers
Colloids v Antonhill
Azzurri v Colts
Swiss v White Youth

Games will be held on Sunday 20 January 2019 and will be scheduled in due course.

Prior to the quarter finals of the Cup competition the duration of the matches will be two 35 minute halves. Prior to the quarter finals of the Cup there will be no extra time and penalties will be taken to decide the outcome of any match that results in a draw at the end of normal time.

YYL Exco

Result for the Game of Dec 2, 18 Sunday 2nd December 2018

Cup Rd 2:-
KCC Dragons 0 vs 3 AFC Squadron
Green Cypress FC 0 vs 3 CS Old Boys
AFC Hearts 1 (3) vs 1 (2) WYFC06
Yan Po 2 (3) vs 2 (4) Grasshoppers
White Youth FC 2 vs 1 NFAA
Boca Seniors 1 vs 2 Club Colts
Swiss XI 3 vs 1 HKU70's
Club Albion 1 vs 3 Baker Tilly Spartans
Goal Visio 2 vs 5 Allied Colloids FC
ANP 0 vs 2 Club Wanderers
German All Stars 3 vs 0 KCC Knights
Maccabi HK 0 vs 1 French Kiss
Gurkha Int'l FC 1 vs 4 Morse Park Rangers 91
Corinthians 0 vs 3 Azzurri
Darts 0 vs 4 Dynamo
Bapcoll 0 vs 3 Antonhill

3rd Division:-
Power 22 (3) vs (1) CAPS

4th Division:-
Friends of Barclays (4) vs (0) Standard Chartered
Hung Art (0) vs (5) ADW Spartans FC

Table for the League Game - Up to the Game of Dec 2, 18

MPR91 100% record ended after 1-1 draw with ADW, Spartans, Swiss, and Gurkha still top Monday 26th November 2018

The leagues only 100% record ended yesterday when ADW held MPR91 to a 1-1 draw although their lead at the top of the fourth tier remains twelve points.
Spartans maintained their slim one point lead at the top of the league and added to their goal difference tally with a 7-1 thrashing of Knights, just behind them are last seasons champions, Wanderers, who scored the only goal in their game with Dragons and a further three points behind in third are GAS who came out 3-1 winners against Azzurri, goals for the Huns coming from Kieran Robinson and a Matt Zoeller brace .
Swiss remain in Alp like ascendancy at the peak of division two after hitting Antonhill for six and Colloids are five clear of the chasing pack in the other promotion place after a workmanlike 2-0 win over early season high fliers, Dynamo, who are now out of the top half.
Gurkha and CSOB increased their leads in the top two positions in the third division following 2-0 and 4-1 wins over NFAA and Power 22 respectively.
Next weekend is cup round two with four all division one ties and the following week the halfway stage in the league competitions with round eleven games.

1st Division:-
French Kiss (0) vs (2) Club Albion
Club Wanderers (1) vs (0) KCC Dragons
WYFC06 (0) vs (7) AFC Squadron
Azzurri (1) vs (3) German All Stars
Boca Seniors (3) vs (4) Club Colts
KCC Knights (1) vs (7) Baker Tilly Spartans

2nd Division:-
ANP (1) vs (0) IES
Green Cypress FC (0) vs (5) Maccabi HK
White Youth FC (0) vs (0) AFC Hearts
Swiss XI (6) vs (0) Antonhill
HKU70's (0) vs (2) Corinthians
Allied Colloids FC (2) vs (0) Dynamo

3rd Division:-
G. G. F. C. (1) vs (3) Grasshoppers
Power 22 (1) vs (4) CS Old Boys
Gurkha Int'l FC (2) vs (0) NFAA
HKSS (1) vs (4) Goal Visio
CAPS (1) vs (2) HOB

4th Division:-
WYFC84 (2) vs (5) Darts
Friends of Barclays (1) vs (1) Outward Bound
Bapcoll (0) vs (3) Skyline
Scorpions (1) vs (0) Hung Art
Morse Park Rangers 91 (1) vs (1) ADW Spartans FC

Table for the League Game - Up to the Game of Nov 25, 18

YYL Promotions At Kings Park Clubhouse Sunday 25th November 2018

See details attached for Xmas Dinner and Drinks package for YYL Teams in addition to discount voucher.

YYL Xmas Special Menu Package
YYL Golden Ticket

Weekly Disciplinary Report for the Game of Nov 18, 18 Wednesday 21st November 2018

Please go to "Rep Admin / Download" to download the Weekly Disciplinary Report for the captioned game.

Result for the Game of Nov 20, 18 Wednesday 21st November 2018

1st Division:-
KCC Knights ( 0) vs (1) French Kiss

Gurkha Still Unbeaten After First Ever YYL Game at TKO, Towelgate Puts Dampener on Wanderers Win, Swiss Riding High and MPR91 Maintain 100% Start Monday 19th November 2018

HOB vs Gurkha

HOB and Gurkha played in the historic first ever YYL game at TKO Jockey Club HKFA Football Traning Centre yesterday with Gurkha coming away with a 2-0 win that sees them maintain their unbeaten record and a six point lead at the summit of division three, CSOB remain in second place after overcoming Grasshoppers by the odd goal in three.
In the first division title race Spartans 1-1 draw with Colts means their lead at the top is now reduced to a single point after Wanderers convincing 3-0 win over the Germans in a match that was threatened to be overshadowed midweek with regards to alleged allegations from the HKFC Quartermaster that the Germans towel count was down by two last game out, GAS player manager Adam Wise was rightly mortified at the potential political fallout, "look" he said, our reputation for leaving towels (on the beaches and deckchairs of Europe) is widely known and to be now accused of taking them really is a bit too much and clearly politically motivated given the fragile state of the current Brexit negotiations, Wanderers stalwart and newly elected HKFC Honorary Secretary, Neil Jensen, was unavailable for comment although sources have revealed hand soap and bog rolls may be next.
Swiss are flying high after an emphatic 5-2 victory over fellow founder league members HKU70s and Colloids stay in second after a 4-0 win over Corinthians.
In the fourth tier MPR91 kept the leagues only 100% winning record coming away with a 3-1 win over Bapcoll and ADW stay second after a convincing 4-0 win over Standard Chartered.

1st Division:-
Club Albion (0) vs (5) Boca Seniors
German All Stars (0) vs (3) Club Wanderers
Azzurri (6) vs (0) WYFC06
KCC Dragons (3) vs (4) AFC Squadron
Baker Tilly Spartans (1) vs (1) Club Colts

2nd Division:-
Maccabi HK (1) vs (1) AFC Hearts
ANP (0) vs (2) White Youth FC
Corinthians (0) vs (4) Allied Colloids FC
Antonhill (2) vs (1) Dynamo
Swiss XI (5) vs (2) HKU70's
IES (3) vs (0) Green Cypress FC

3rd Division:-
CAPS (1) vs (0) Yan Po
Goal Visio (0) vs (3) G. G. F. C.
HOB (0) vs (2) Gurkha Int'l FC
Power 22 (3) vs (0) HKSS
NFAA (4) vs (1) Bank of China
CS Old Boys (2) vs (1) Grasshoppers

4th Division:-
Darts (0) vs (4) Outward Bound
Hung Art (2) vs (2) Friends of Barclays
WYFC84 (1) vs (1) Scorpions
ADW Spartans FC (4) vs (0) Standard Chartered
Bapcoll (1) vs (3) Morse Park Rangers 91

Table for the League Game - Up to the Game of Nov 18, 18


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