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  Chairman's Corner
Chairman's note for 2006 AGM
Chairman's note for 2006 AGM Monday 4th September 2006

The notice for the AGM has now been posted on the League’s web site and sent around to all of the Member Clubs. The meeting will be held on Wednesday 6 September 2006 at HKFC at 7pm.
I would welcome all teams to send more than one representative to the meeting (although only one member may vote) as after the formal meeting drinks and snacks will be available and it represents an excellent opportunity for teams/representatives to socialize with each other prior to the start of the new season (which is planned for Sunday 24 September).
I would like to just remind all members of the procedures at the AGM:

1 Previous AGM minutes – the minutes from last year’s AGM are posted on the website and have been sent to all teams.

2 Matters Arising – points raised from last years minutes will be dealt with under this item.

3 Chairman’s Report – This will be for last season and the coming 06-07 season and will include league, cup, 6s, pitches, referees, discipline, website and of special note sponsorship. As mentioned several months ago on the website exco announced a sponsorship deal with HKDC. This will be for a minimum of 3years duration for a sum of approximately HK$250,000.00 per season and will give naming rights of the league ie HKDC Yau Yee Football League. It has been agreed that the monies are to be spent on “non-essentialâ€? additional expenses that bring added value to the YYL such as payment for medical services, costs of YYL select side in the Int’l 7s and the costs of a referees course for YYL members that we are considering should there be sufficient interest.

4 Treasurer’s Report – This will include the accounts for last year and our budget for 06-07. A copy of the forecast will be sent to teams prior to the AGM.

5 Election of Officers – It is with sadness that I mention four exco members are stepping down from their responsibilities. Firstly Barry Wilson who has been the treasurer for many years and has revolutionized the accounts over this period in addition to pushing strongly for the website and assisting with the bookings at KGV. Next is Kenny Lo who, with the exception of Edwin Lim, is currently the longest serving exco member; Kenny is currently the Div 4 rep and was asst secretary for many years. In addition Vincent Yuen and Kenneth Kwok are standing down and we thank all for their efforts whilst on exco. The secretary, Wilson Hon, has received two nomination for exco and these are Nick Oates (Hearts) and Jon Southgate (Spartans). Subject to confirmation for the divisional rep appointments exco for 2007-07 will be as follows:

Chairman Michael Johnson (re-standing).
Vice Chairman Edwin Lim (re-standing)
Secretary Wilson Hon (re-standing).
Treasurer Simon Lam (re-standing previously 2nd Division)
Asst. Secretary Mike Ashton (re-standing)
Michael Yen (Website and Marketing)
1st Division vacant
2nd Division Jon McKinley (re-standing previously general rep).
3rd Division Stuart Tunbridge (re-standing)
4th Division vacant
General Reps.
Kwok Ka Ming (re-standing)
Michael Wong (re-standing)
Nick Oates (nominated by Michael Johnson)
Jon Southgate (nominated by Jon McKinley)

6 Rule Changes – Firstly this will cover FIFA rule changes; a copy of the changes to the rules has been posted on the website and the assistant secretary for the HKFRA, Walter Wong, will be at the AGM to answer any questions specific to these rule changes. Secondly, there are several proposed changes to the YYL rules and these have been sent to teams and posted on the website; these will be the subject of a vote and require a 75% majority in favour. In addition exco has received the following motion from Nick Oates for changes to the constitution and rules:

1) That articles 2a and 2c of the constitution of the league be amended
to incorporate the word "amateur" and thus read:

(a) to provide an opportunity for the Members to play competitive
amateur football in a sporting and social environment;

(c) to set down regulations for the playing of competitive amateur
football among Members in any form the League sees fit;

or that the word "amateur" be otherwise highlighted in the constitution.

2) That the rules of the league be amended to prohibit the payment of
players. This could perhaps be done under the rules governing
registration or elsewhere as the League sees fit and could simply state:

"In keeping with the amateur nature of the league, no team shall pay
players for playing for a team or offer them any form of financial
inducement. Any breach of this rule shall be dealt with by the
Disciplinary Committee as it sees fit."

7 New teams – As mentioned on the website earlier in the year exco suspended Green Tree from the YYL for not providing pitches for all their games which was a pre-requisite for them joining the YYL. Exco invited Green Tree and three teams who had applied to join the YYL, to a meeting on 21st August to discuss their future/applications. Green Tree did not attend this meeting nor did they inform exco they were not available or ask for an alternative meeting date. On this basis exco will recommend to members that Green Tree be expelled from the YYL at the AGM. Of the three teams that were interviewed at the meeting, it became apparent that one of the teams, HKDC Mobsters, had booked a pitch at KGV for the coming season for all of their matches and on this basis exco will recommend that HKDC Mobster be accepted into the YYL for the coming 2006-07 season. One of the other teams, Wahyanites, has been accepted as a provisional member and will be invited to participate in the YYL Cup and 6-a-side competitions this coming season.

8 Any Other Business – There has been no receipt of additional motions to be included at the AGM under AOB, however, teams will be able to raise issues they would like to discuss but should remember these issues are not motions and will not be the subject of any vote or change to the rules.



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